Enhancing the Fan Experience with Augmented Reality

An Introduction to Augmented Reality

Snapchat changed the tech landscape when it first introduced augmented reality (AR) into its rapidly expanding multimedia messaging app. The ability to paste a virtual mask on a person's face, then have it adapt to different facial movements was now an accessible experience... and everyone loved it!


Pokemon Go took AR to the next level with their game that challenged users to walk around and find Pokemon virtually overlaid into the real world. What was once a rare gimmick soon became a staple selling feature for many games, and now it's taking over the sports and entertainment industries.

As new technologies gain momentum, organizations have more options for brand marketing, fan engagement, and even fan development.

Enhance the Fan Experience with AR

Imagination is your only boundary with augmented reality. You can bring the team directly to the fan with custom face masks, branded apparel, or virtually place a player in a fan's living room. You're also able to bring the fan behind-the-scenes with innovative graphics for player profiles, detailed stats, and match-up information. Give the fans a variety of choices and they're bound to explore each and every one!


AR is an immersive experience enhancer and it brings fans closer to the team. It's new, it's exciting, and most importantly - it gets people talking about you!


AR's interactive experience allows fans, regardless of their location, to showcase their fandom for the team in a fun way. From the fan perspective, it's simple, accessible and enjoyable, which means their fascination will continue as you create new content. AR extends the fan experience beyond the stadium as it's only dependent on the (mostly ubiquitous) smartphone. It allows for a more personal connection to the individual teams, which in turn creates the feeling of exclusivity and community amongst the fanbase.

AR can also be combined with a corporate sponsorship for an even more engaging experience. For example, a hockey game: it's the intermission and a video appears on the jumbotron prompting you to try out the team's AR camera. On top of using this cool technology, it's a contest and the fan with the best photo wins a gift card to a local restaurant! The benefits are threefold:
1. You're promoting your team in a fun and interactive way
2. Your corporate partner will love the exposure they receive
3. Your fans are having fun!


Create your own augmented reality effect today! Contact us to explore your endless amount of options!

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