Can #ELXN42 Social Media Statistics Predict Canada's Next Leader?

Canada's Next Leader

Politics can be overwhelming. Which media organizations should you trust? What do citizens really think of each party? Who is the most likely leader to win? These questions weigh on the minds of Canadians as they try to decide how to get involved; and the confusion often disuades people from participating at all.

Our latest project aims to provide clarity, simplicity and transparency to reporting on the public's opinion of government candidates. We - in conjunction with Pound and Grain - are proud to announce we have launched "Canada's Next Leader" in time for the 42nd election.

What's trending in the Canadian election on social media

What is "Canada's Next Leader"?

Canada’s Next Leader is an interactive, live infographic representation of Canadian opinions on the election and its candidates from all major social networks.

By collecting and visualizing current conversations about politics on social media (from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), "Canada's Next Leader" answers these essential questions:

  • Which party leader candidates are talked about the most
  • What keywords are associated with each candidate
  • What political parties are sparking the most engagement
  • What election issues are trending nationally and provincially
  • How major media is covering the race on social media
  • The most influential individuals talking about the election

How is the media covering the political race

Why did we make "Canada's Next Leader"?

Canada’s Next Leader is a result of a creative collaboration between Tradable Bits and Vancouver agency Pound and Grain. We have been working with Pound and Grain to offer their clients social media engagement and aggregation solutions. We thought Stream could help citizens explore what social media can reveal about the upcoming Canadian election. The data visualizations seek to clarify the parties, the candidates, media coverage and citizen conversations that unfold around us online 24/7. Importantly, we also felt that showing Canadians the power of their voices was a real opportunity to encourage Canadians to vote.

Keywords about each Canadian candidates

Why You Should You Care?

Canada’s Next Leader is an interactive infographic of what’s trending in Canadian politics, how people are reacting - but more importantly - who is championing the discussion on social media. It provides journalists, political junkies, and anyone interested in the leadership race with an election dashboard that gives you a unique and powerful look into how the Canadian election is playing out on social media in near real time. It aims to make simple, clear and understandable the social whirlwind of politics today.

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