Digital Marketing Digest - 11.17.2017

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What’s Fresh in Facebook?

Message Communication is Increasing. What does this mean?

In honour of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the first SMS text message, Messenger released key trends from their digital communications study. A notable takeaway found that “80 percent of adults (age 19-64) and 91 percent of teens (age 13-18) across the globe message every day”. The study also notes that there has been a 67% increase in messaging communication (outpacing social media’s 48% communication increase). This makes Messenger an attractive place to reach your fans.

Facebook Stories Replaces Messenger Day with Synced Cross-Posting

Out with the old and in with the new. That’s exactly what Facebook is saying as it replaces Messenger Day with Stories. The Story-like feature on Messenger will remain, but, instead of existing separately, it will now be synced with Facebook Stories. It is safe to expect a spike in this feature's popularity, as a result of this merge.

Twitter Tidbits.

Twitter Revamps The Verification Process for Blue Check Marks

Don’t get too attached to Twitter’s blue check marks. Twitter is reportedly revamping their verification process. The blue check marks symbolize Twitter’s stamp of approval, verifying that those accounts are who they say they are. The system was created for users of public interests (celebrities, brands, and so on). However, last summer, Twitter announced that it would open the application to the public. Not anymore. Until the new process is put in place, Twitter will no longer accept public submissions for verification. The company will also review those who are already verified, removing the blue symbol on accounts that do not meet its guidelines. So if you were thinking about applying to be verified, you’ll have to wait this one out.

Twitter is Testing a Tweetstorm Feature

Twitter confirmed that it is testing a feature to simplify “tweetstorms”. Tweetstorms are a series of tweets that workaround the social network’s character count limitations. Supposedly, the feature will offer a new interface for composing tweets, where each can be created then published in a staggered manner with a “Tweet All” button. Considering Twitter’s recent character count increase, it is clear the company is working hard to improve usability.

Insta Gab.

Instagram Could Let You Follow Hashtags Soon

Instagram is testing a new follow hashtag feature. A small fraction of the app’s users will be able to see top posts and recent stories of a particular keyword by following a particular hashtag. This may present Instagramers with feeds filled with interests rather than feeds filled strictly with friends and follows. Could the upcoming follow feature enable advertisers to target promoted posts by interests? We’ll have to wait and see.

Instagram Stories Adds Photo-Only Posting from Mobile Web

Mobile web users can now post Stories to Instagram. In the coming weeks, Instagramers will see a camera icon in the top left corner to shoot or upload a photo to their Story in their mobile browser. Captions and colours can be added, but videos and creative tools like doodling, stickers, location tags, polls and more are still only available in the app. With the continued growth of Instagram Stories, this is an opportune platform to target fans.

The Spotify Scoop.

Spotify Launches “United States of Music” Podcast

A new Spotify podcast entitled “United States of Music” launched this week. The series uses listening data to uncover stories about artists, fans and what connects them. Hosted by Sasheer Zamata (American actress and comedian), each episode will take listeners on a journey to a different American city, telling unique stories about how music has impacted lives. Another great way that Spotify is engaging fans in music.

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YouTube Yammers.

YouTube and Ticketmaster Partner to Sell Concert Tickets On Official Videos

YouTube and Ticketmaster are joining forces to help artists better engage their fans. By listing upcoming concerts on official music videos, the two companies hope to empower creators to better manage their business across multiple revenue streams. This is also a solution to YouTube’s struggle of compensating artists fairly for the traffic they bring to the site. The ticketing feature will expand first to North America, then globally. A great way for meaningful fan and artist connections.

Tech Touchdowns!

Sports Illustrated TV Launches On Amazon Channels

Sports Illustrated TV is now available on Amazon Channels. The streaming media network offers sports lovers immersive content that goes beyond sports highlights, featuring everything from swimsuits to soccer content (but no live sports). Created by the trusted Sports Illustrated brand, the programming is aimed to appeal to sports fans of all demographics (men, women and families alike).

Facebook Will Livestream 47 College Basketball Games for Free this Season

Facebook is paying for the rights to stream college basketball games this season. With the aim of growing its live sports programming, this is yet another step in the right direction.

Disney Will Launch ESPN+ Streaming Service In Spring 2018

The new sports streaming service, ESPN+, will be available in spring 2018. Disney’s first direct-to-consumer offering will be available in an app, allowing subscriptions to thousands of live sporting events.

Music to my ears.

Nielsen 360 Study Finds Consumers Love Streaming Music

Music fans are growing! The annual Nielsen Music 360 study reveals many exciting industry insights. The results show that 90% of the population listens to music. On average, people listen to music 32.1 hours per week (up 86% from last year’s study). Excluding concert attendance, music streaming comprises 41% of this listening time. Additionally, the average spend on music was $156 annually, with live performances making up the greatest percentage of dollars. These findings are great news for the entire music industry.

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