Digital Marketing Digest - 11.10.2017

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What’s Fresh in Facebook?

Facebook Messenger is Coming to Business Websites

Facebook launched a new chat plugin for businesses, allowing customers to talk with companies on their site via Messenger. This launch is huge for businesses because they can now continue conversations even after customers have exited the site. Plus, the new plugin streamlines conversations across multiple platforms and supports other features like payments, bots and more. Messenger for business websites is currently in closed beta, however, you can sign up to be notified when the chat plugin is broadly available.

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Facebook Community Boost: Helping to Create Jobs and Provide Digital Skills Across the US

Facebook is introducing Community Boost, a new program designed to help US small businesses grow and equip more people with digital skills. This investment by Facebook will expand the growth of both social media literacy and digital marketing talent.

Send Money to Friends in Messenger – Now in Euros and British Pounds

Peer-to-peer payments on Messenger have come to the UK and France. Now users in these countries can send money in their currency (Euros or British Pounds) without leaving the application (only within country borders). This functionality is even more exciting with the new launch of Messenger for business websites.

Facebook's Marketplace Gets Homey 🏡

Facebook has amplified its Marketplace with Housing Rentals. While users before could post their own apartment listings, the social network is now partnering with other housing sites to pull in listings. As more users view Facebook as a portal for everything to do online, your potential reach on this platform will increase.

Twitter Tidbits.

Twitter is Officially Expanding its 140 Character Count

Twitter is making tweeting easier as it officially increases its character limit to 280. The expansion is enabled in all supported languages with the exception of Japanese, Chinese and Korean, as these languages can already express more in a single character. Although there is still controversy around the character expansion, this shift is aimed to make expression easier. Now you can say more to your audience without the stress of cramming your commentary into the character limit.

Twitter’s $99 Monthly Subscription Ad Program Launches into Public Beta

Twitter Promote Mode is now available in beta. The goal of the advertising subscription is to let small businesses and personal brands run ad campaigns easily for the price of $99 per month. The program automatically amplifies users’ tweets and profile after it is enabled, turning all tweets into Promoted Tweets. However, participants cannot choose which tweets to promote, they can only toggle Twitter Promote on or off. Also, tweets can only target five interests or regions within a selected country, which is less potent compared to Twitter’s existing ad platform. Regardless, the new ad program boasts the ability to increase your audience reach while decreasing your advertising anxiety.

Insta Gab.

Instagram Pushes More Influencers to Adopt its Sponsored Post Tool

In June, Instagram created a branded content tool to identify influencers' posts paid for by advertisers. Now, Instagram is making the sponsored post format available to all accounts with access to its Insights data. In addition, the company will start notifying accounts when it detects branded content posted without this tool, providing the option to tag the business. The tool will also provide the advertiser with data about the post’s performance. As the number of sponsored post users expands, influencers will be easier to add to your marketing strategy.

Instagram Chief Sees Big Picture as App Attracts 800m Users

Instagram expanded from 700 million users to 800 million users from April to September this year. Now, its cofounder Mike Krieger reflects upon how the business strategy has evolved over the years while its positive approach has remained consistent. Read the full interview.

Snapchat Statements.

Will Spiegel's App Redesign Save Snapchat?

After the Q3 stock plunge of Snapchat resulting from the slow growth in users and underperforming revenues, CEO Evan Spiegel is swiftly redesigning the app. Brace yourself for design changes as Snapchat increases its usability for older generations. Also, the company is personalizing its Stories feed via algorithmic sorting. Will these new changes be received positively by the Snapchat community? Or will they alienate younger users and further purport the shift to Instagram? Stay tuned.

Pinteresting Insights.

Pinterest Now Lets You Tidy Up Ideas with Sections within Boards

Pinterest is now offering users a way to better organize their ideas with “board sections”. This new feature allows users to create a “board within a board”, cleaning up big ideas like “New Apartment” into smaller parts like “Bedding”, “Kitchen”, “Pantry Organization” and beyond. This empowers Pinners to further clarify and expand on each idea as they dive into the niches of each board. More importantly, board sections could capture purchase intent for brands and marketers, offering an opportunity for Pinterest to optimize promoted pin targeting.

Tech Touchdowns!

Live NFL Games are Coming to Movie Theatres in Canada

Canadian football fans, it’s time to start popping - popping popcorn that is. The NFL is launching live football games across Cineplex theatres in Canada. Beginning this Sunday November 12th, NFL will go live in 15 Cineplex theatres and will then expand to 50 locations for Super Bowl LII. This allows the Canadian company to target the 11 million football fans who live north of the 49th parallel. This may also expand the audience of NFL games and increase the reach of ads paired with the screening. A fan-based marketing win!

Music to my ears.

Spotify, Deezer & SoundCloud Team Up to Form Digital Lobbying Group

Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud form the Digital Music Europe alliance, a lobbying group showcasing the success of European music services to Policy makers. Other backers include 7digital, France’s Qobuz and Soundcharts. As the European Commission explores plans to create a Digital Single Market, policy makers play a key role in supporting the growth of the music sector. The DME alliance will share the experience and vision of its members to contribute to policy debates forming the Digital Single Market. These conversations have the power to shape copyright legislation and cross border as we know it.

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