Digital Marketing Digest - 11.03.2017

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What’s Fresh in Facebook?

Additional Transparency Efforts and Implications for Advertisers - First Canada, then US

In Facebook’s effort to make advertising more transparent (and not just for politics), people will soon be able to view the ads a Page is running on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. By simply clicking “View Ads” on a Page, users will be able to see all associated ads - regardless of whether or not they were the intended target audience. This means that all ad campaigns will require an associated Page as part of the ad creation process. Facebook will begin testing the ad transparency feature in Canada next month and will roll it out to the US and other countries circa summer 2018. During the initial test, Facebook will only show active ads. However, when the additional transparency expands to the US, Facebook will include additional measures, especially for political-related ads.

Facebook Reports Third Quarter 2017 Results

Facebook’s third quarter results are in Daily active users were 1.37 billion for September 2017 and monthly active users were 2.07 billion as of September 30, 2017, an increase of 16% year-over-year. More users equals a larger potential reach for your fan-targeted Facebook ads.

Twitter Tidbits.

New Transparency For Ads on Twitter - First US, then Global

Facebook isn’t the only social platform increasing ad transparency. In the coming weeks, Twitter will launch its new Transparency Center, opening the proverbial drapes to who is advertising on Twitter along with the tools to share feedback. The Transparency Center will provide details behind each ad including how long the ads have been running, the associated ad creative and which ads have been targeted to you. People can also report inappropriate ads or give negative feedback for any ad running on Twitter. Additional measures are also added for “electioneering” ads. The transparency center will first be tested in the US and will then expand globally.

The Spotify Scoop.

The Importance of the Inaugural Spotify Secret Genius Awards (Plus, Award Results)

In August, Spotify announced the new Secret Genius Awards - a songwriter-focused initiative that aims to highlight the contributions of the music industry's behind-the-scenes stars. This was an important move on Spotify’s part to amend its rocky relationship with under appreciated talent, which led to expensive lawsuits (like this settlement and this settlement). On November 1st, the inaugural award show took place in Los Angeles, celebrating the top songwriters and producers. J Kash, Max Martin and Starrah took home top honors. Get the full results.

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Spotify & Netflix Transport Fans to ‘The Upside Down’ with Stranger Things Immersive Experience

Calling all Stranger Things Fans (we know you’re out there). Spotify and Netflix have teamed up to create an engaging Stranger Things themed campaign just for you. Through a simple Spotify login, fans will receive their character-matched playlist. So now the questions is, are you most similar to invincible Eleven, justice-seeking Joyce or deceptive Demogorgan? How does Spotify know? Based on your listening habits. That’s right. The music that you listen to says a lot about you and (more importantly) your fans.

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Snapchat Statements.

Snapchat Is Finally Opening Up Pixel Tracking for Marketers

Your Snapchat advertising efforts are about to get a whole lot smarter. To stay competitive with Facebook, Google and other digital advertising titans, Snapchat is upping its ad game and finally releasing pixels. A pixel is a snippet of code that tracks website visitors for the purpose of reporting and retargeting. Snapchat’s pixels will be used solely for measurement of ad performance initially (such as conversions and ROI). However, by the end of the year, the tags will also include ad targeting capabilities, allowing brands to hone in on specific audiences and groups of people who have visited their websites. However, Snapchat will allow users to opt-out of retargeting, which may stir up the pixel's targeting effectiveness. Regardless, prepare for the power to optimize your Snapchat ad spend and to serve ads to people who are more likely to convert.

YouTube Yammers.

What's Behind YouTube's Struggle to Place Ads On Music Videos?

Many music companies yearn for YouTube to better compensate for their content. Only between 35% and 45% of music videos streams in the United States carry ads (down from 60% in 2012) according to the Billboard article. This has people wondering why YouTube isn't doing a better job at selling advertising against music. There are many possible causes including YouTube’s focus on the user’s experience, Ad blockers, YouTube’s filters to identify “ad-friendly” content for advertisers among others. The actual culprit for the reduced monetization of YouTube music videos are still unclear. On the flip side, some executives say that they receive massive exposure when they have a hit on YouTube, which impacts other, better paying platforms. So perhaps YouTube simply needs to do a better job at communicating their value.

Tech Touchdowns!

Greg Norman's New Business Venture will Enhance the Golf Course Experience

Greg Norman has an idea to revolutionize the golf cart by connecting them to the Internet of Things. His concept is to create a truly web-connected golf cart that enables streaming and entertainment (just like cars and planes… just a few years behind). Can you think of any other lagging opportunities to enhance the fan experience within your sport?

NBA Sees Fan Engagement Potential Of AR & VR

With the NBA’s 155 million global basketball fans, only 1% actually experience NBA games in the arena, which means it is more important now than ever to keep fans engaged. In response, the NBA has turned to technology, namely AR and VR and unveiled its new Pop-A-Shot iPhone App. This was a move that fit into the NBA’s emerging technology strategy. The league acted quickly to see how fans use the AR app, which may provide an opportunity to further grow the game.

Music to my ears.

U2 Becomes First Band to Use 'Verified Fan' for All Tickets on an Arena Tour

Every artist wants their tickets to end up in the hands of real fans (and away from scalpers, brokers and bots). Ticketmaster has a tool that does just that and will be using its Verified Fan platform for all tickets on U2’s 15-city tour. According to Ticketmaster, Verified Fan reduces the opportunity for resale on secondary markets by over 90%. So how does it work? Fans register with Verified Fan two to three weeks before tickets go on sale. These fans are then able to get their tickets first, minimizing the huge rush that usually takes place at ticket launch. This fan-first tool in-turn weeds out bad actors and provides more accurate ticket buyer estimates. A huge win for fans and fan-based marketers alike!

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