Digital Marketing Digest - 10.27.2017

Trick or Treat?! Is it Halloween already?

As our treat to you on this spooky occasion, here are the latest updates in Digital Marketing to sweeten your next coffin break.

What’s Fresh in Facebook?

SeatGeek Signs up Facebook as Primary Ticketing Distributor
The ticketing platform, SeatGeek, has made Facebook a ticketing partner. This provides sports fans and music event-goers an easy way to buy tickets through this dominating social platform. Now you can place your ad and your tickets all in the same place, meaning one less barrier to purchase! This feature was already available via Ticketmaster and EventBrite, however, the new SeatGeek partnership represents Facebook’s commitment to enhance its ticket offering.

Celebrate Halloween with Spook-tacular Features from Facebook and Messenger
The spooky holiday is a great excuse to engage with fans. Consider creating a Halloween-themed Facebook post to interact with your audience. While you’re there, checkout the new effects in Camera, Live and Messenger, as well as Facebook’s new interactive games.

Marketplace Adds More Options For US Car Shoppers
Looking for a new set of wheels? Maybe not, but your fans might be. This car shopping feature is yet another attempt by Facebook to keep your audience on the platform, which inevitably expands the reach of your Facebook ads.

New Features for Groups to Build Communities
Facebook is making it easier to grow your fan community with new features for groups. Some of the new features include welcome posts (so you can welcome new members), badges (so you can identify who is an admin, moderator or new member), member profiles (so you don’t have to leave the group to get to know others) as well as expanded controls. It’s never been a better time to build a group tailored for fans.

Facebook Messenger lets Games Monetize with Purchases and Ads
What better way to get fans to watch your ad then by rewarding them points? By Monetizing Messenger games, Facebook is further incentivizing game developers to build on Facebook. As in-app purchases and ads attract more Messenger games, a new pool of fan audiences will grow as well.

Twitter Tidbits.

Inside #Fuel, Twitter’s Stealth Agency That Builds Ad Campaigns In Days
In an attempt to rebuild its advertising credibility, Twitter has been working with #Fuel, a small group of digital strategists who work with brands and agencies to create and consult on their ad campaigns. This partnership was created as a part of Twitter’s plan to become a leader in video advertising. Stay tuned on whether Twitter can clinch the third spot for top digital advertiser (behind the Google and Facebook frontrunners).

Insta Gab.

Introducing Superzoom and Halloween Creative Tools
Boomerang was the Instagram feature that took the photo community by storm. Will Superzoom be the next best thing? With superzoom, you can slowly zoom in on a photo of anything (an artist on stage, the basketball play or even a selfie of you). Plus, you can add suspenseful music for extra drama. In addition to superzoom, Instagram has also launched Halloween Creative tools. These features include new stickers and filters for Instagram stories which can help charm and bewitch your fans.

The Spotify Scoop.

Spotify Announces Emerging Artist Program, RISE, and Names First Four Picks
Music discovery is growing and Spotify is taking the lead. The company’s new RISE program is designed to identify and break the next wave of future music superstars. Launching in the US, Canada and the UK, there will be a total of sixteen artists in the program per year (announced in groups of four). Troy Carter, Spotify’s global head of creator services, revealed the emerging artist program’s first four picks.

Secret Weapon In P!nk's Chart-Topping Strategy: Visiting Spotify Offices
P!nk’s world tour of Spotify offices may have been the trick that led her music to hit the top charts. A Spotify rep explains, “it is now standard practice not only for artists to visit the company’s offices, but also for Spotify teams to spend time with artists in the studio, in order to get richer context around their music and creative process.” Winning the support of streaming services like Spotify could pay dividends for artists moving forward.

Television Talks.

Netflix to Raise $1.6 Billion for Content Acquisitions
Netflix plans to raise $1.6 billion for content acquisitions and “strategic transactions". The company will begin by spending $8 billion dollars towards new programs next year. Netflix has also discussed increasing the monthly cost for customers by $1 to offset these large investments. As this video streaming platform grows, the television advertising audience on other platforms will continue to change as well.

LinkedIn CEO says they’re ‘open to the idea’ of original video content
Is it possible you may see LinkedIn stacked against Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video in the coming years? Who knows. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner recently remarked that shows such as reality TV hit “Shark Tank” is the style of programming that could resonate with LinkedIn users. Video streaming sites might receive new competition in the form of business-styled content soon.

YouTube Yammers.

Content Creators Coalition Running Anti-YouTube Ads on YouTube
The artist-led advocacy group, Content Creators Coalition, has released an anti-YouTube ad campaign entitled “Youtube Can Do Better”. The purpose of this movement is to put pressure on Google’s Youtube service to pay artists fairly for the audiences they bring to the site. By mobilizing fans, the group hopes the campaign will lead to updated laws, as well as more control and compensation on YouTube.

Tech Touchdowns!

What the Baseball Playoffs Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Fan Engagement
A recent Entrepreneur article explains what businesses can learn from baseball about fan engagement. Their tips include: (1) Providing an easy means for fans to get involved and enrich their experience (2) Letting your fans drive their own experience, and (3) Spelling out everything, even if you think your fans should know it. We couldn’t agree more. Each of these objectives can be obtained by interacting with fans. Learn how you can engage fans with a digital campaign.

Why MLB is betting its future on big data, Wi-Fi, apps, and AR
Brace yourself for the fast-approaching field of digital dreams for sports.

Music to my ears.

EDM Rights Holders to Get Paid Faster With New Device Installed at Venues
In an attempt to make it easier to distribute music royalties, SOCAN has partnered with Pioneer’s KUVO technology to offer a free device for venues. Simply plug the device into the DJ mix board and distribute royalties more accurately to the copyright owners of the track. This is a big win for artists, DJ’s and events alike.

WAV Launches New Hip-Hop Competition Series 'Versus’
The music content and artist discovery platform, WAV is dedicated to to promoting emerging talents in the hip-hop and EDM community. To this end, WAV is launching “Versus”, the new battle rap competition series. Be prepared for the artist and music landscape to grow exponentially.

That’s all for now. Stop by next week for even more digital marketing treats.

Until then, we hope you have a Boo’tiful weekend!

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