Digital Marketing Digest - 10.20.2017

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What’s Fresh on Facebook?

Facebook Releases Standalone VR Headset: Oculus Go
With Facebook’s push to make VR mainstream, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a standalone VR headset, Oculus Go, that will retail at $199 (USD). The device will be available in 2018 and will likely help Facebook’s virtual events or “Venues” project catapult into a sensation.

To read more about Facebook’s “Venues”, see last week’s Digital Marketing Digest.

Hungry? Order Food with Facebook (US Only)
It appears Facebook has one wish: to be the only application you need for anything. Ever. With that goal in mind (presumably), Facebook is rolling out the ability to order food within the app (starting with the United States). This is yet another step towards bringing Facebook users more convenience and advertisers more eyeballs (and potentially new fans).

Twitter Tidbits.

Twitter will Soon Release a New “Save for Later” Feature
Following HackWeek, several key Twitter employees announced a new feature referred to as “Save for Later”. Rather than liking, retweeting or sending tweets you want to read again, Twitter is looking to streamline this bookmarking process. Make a note - this feature might become a KPI to track for social media excellence. Interested in seeing a preview? See this prototype GIF tweet.

New Crackdown on Hate Speech and Abusive Tweets
Twitter and many of its users are annoyed with disrespectful hate tweets and creepy, non-consensual nude photos. To combat this, Twitter is cracking down and has announced several new features and policies to help reduce abusive posts. This is a big win for the health of the Twitter community.

Twitter is Testing Longer Tweets
Can’t fit what you want to say in 140 characters? We feel your pain. Twitter is looking into doubling its character constraint. In a recent tweet, Twitter announced it's testing this character increase on select accounts before a wider launch. It is unclear whether the Twitter community is happy about this potential change. In the meantime, it’s best to keep practicing your concise writing skills.

Insta Gab.

Instagram Releases Instagram Stories Polling Feature
Your prayers have been answered. Thanks to Instagram’s new polling stickers, never go a day without an easy way to pick your next show on Netflix, to choose which ice cream flavour is better or to engage your fans. Ask a question and see results from your followers in real-time. Side note: If you want fan insights you can leverage for your next marketing push, check out these engagement campaigns.

New Comment Controls Available on Instagram
Nothing ruins your perfectly-showcased Insta moment quicker than another bot-like comment from a random account. Now you can decide who can and who can’t comment on your posts with the new comment controls. This offers a new way to filter who can comment on your post, but also enables you to block specific accounts. Now that 'random' will never bother you again.

You Can Now Add Face Filters to Live Video
Look out Snapchat! Instagram’s live video just got more interesting. Add face filters to live video just as you can for snap videos and Facebook Messenger video calls.

The Latest on Google.

Google Wants to own the Future of TV Ad Infrastructure
What does this mean? Essentially, the biggest tycoon of the digital advertising arena hopes to become the main advertising pipeline for television as well. Google aims to make TV ads smarter and will likely be bringing elements of digital advertising to the television world. The company is promising networks forecasting data and advertisers enhanced ad targeting, which could change TV - and TV data - as we know it. Thought television advertising was dead? Think again.

Speaking About TV…

Something else to note about TV: Nielsen will now measure Netflix’s TV audiences. The company recently launched a new service that will measure streaming program audiences. Netflix is the first to try the service, but other testers are lining up (including NBCUniversal, Disney-ABC, A+E Networks, Lionsgate and Warner Bros). Nielsen will likely expand to other online streaming networks in the coming future. Be prepared for online TV audience data to grow exponentially.

Tech Touchdowns!

Why Augmented Reality is the Next Bit Move for Sports
“Fans of all sports and organizations want to interact with their favorite teams and players all the time”, explains a recent Inc. Article. If you’re looking for a way to increase the immersive fan experience, augmented reality might just be your answer.

Music to my ears.

Instagram is Becoming the Music Industry’s Most Powerful Weapon
A 2016 Nielsen Study revealed that Instagram's users spend 30% more time listening to music and are twice as likely to pay for a streaming service. Also, the social network's proven to be an effective medium to connect artists with their fans. Of Instagram’s 800 million users, approximately 350 million follow 10 or more verified musicians, according to Fast Company. It's clear that if you're in music, Instagram is a solid choice for launching your next festival, tour or ad.

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