Digital Marketing Digest - 10.13.2017

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What’s Fresh in Facebook?

Facebook is Working on VR 'Venues' for Live Concerts
The world of events is about to get a whole new look. Not only will you be able to attend concerts virtually, but Zuckerberg is working on making those cyber stands a lot more social. Get ready to cater to the digital event experience. Soon fans will be able to meet their friends at a virtual concert and enjoy the music together.

Broadcast Live with Facebook's Social VR App
Facebook launched Spaces not long ago, which is the company’s answer to social VR where you can meet up with friends in cyberspace. Now, Facebook is merging two of its hottest new features: Spaces meet Facebook Live. What does this mean? Users will be able to see your entire stadium or arena, creating a more realistic feeling of FOMO with your fans and their friends.

Twitter Tidbits.

A New Way to See Game-specific Sports Tweets (U.S. Only)
In a recent tweet by Twitter, the company announced a new “Happening Now” feature for sports. Android and iOS users in the U.S. will now see a carousel of current games in the home tab with a list of game-relevant tweets available with a simple tap. Is this one giant step towards more algorithmically-organized tweets or yet another way Twitter is adding to the already overwhelming clutter? We’re undecided as well. It is also unclear whether the feature is looking to expand beyond sports to attract other fans, but our fingers are crossed. We hope yours are too.

Insta Gab.

Instagram Launches Cross-posting Stories to Facebook
Instagram is making it a lot easier to syndicate your Insta Stories with Facebook Stories. However, we’re still waiting for this feature to be available for businesses. Hold onto your seats.

The Latest in Google.

Google Starts Working on “Stamp” - Google’s Version of Snap and Insta Stories
Just when you think you’re finally on top of the latest in social media marketing, one of the biggest players in the tech world hops on the ephemeral content bandwagon. Will Google’s Stamp project become a dud like Google+ or a star like Google Home? Stay tuned for the updates.

Get the Spotify Scoop.

Spotify Launches Standalone Mobile App that Targets Artists (iOS only, Android coming soon)
You may recall Spotify for Artists launched in April 2017, which enabled artists to manage their digital presence and gain access to fan data. Now, with the standalone mobile app, artists can update their profile and view real-time data all on their phone. This is another big step in Spotify’s efforts to enhance its digital marketing capabilities for music creators.
Fun Fact: Spotify is a Tradable Bits partner. We are working with them to create digital campaigns that help you better understand your fans. Contact us to learn how you can benefit from Spotify as well.

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