Create Tradable Bits Landing Trackers Automatically in Google Sheets

Landing Trackers are an integral part of tracking not only your clicks, but also your ROI if you have your Tradable Bits Sales Pixel setup as well. They can tell you which social ads, email campaigns, even engagement contests are leading to the most ticket sales.

If you use Google Sheets to create UTMs or to track all of your links this help doc will allow you to continue this process and teach you how to integrate the automated creation of Landing Trackers into your sheets as well.

1) Create a new Google Sheet, or if you already having a link sheet create a new copy of your Google Sheet (some of the older ones won't work with the custom Tracker script).

2) Within your Google Sheet click the menu Tools > Script Editor.

3) Name the script TBits Script. No you're going to go grab the script you need.

5) Go to

6) Copy the script on this page and paste it into the TBits Script you opened in your Google Sheet.

7) You will need to replace the 'Xs' in the TBits Script with your Tradable Bits Public API Key. Go into your Tradable Bits account and click your account number at the top right and click the 'Account' menu within there.

8) Scroll down to the bottom and copy the PUBLIC API KEY

9) Go back into your Google Sheets TBits Script and replace the 'Xs' with your API Key

10) If you have a Virtual Domain setup on your account replace '' next to 'virtual domain' in the script with your Virtual Domain URL

11) If your Virtual Domain isn't HHTPS make sure to change the "return 'https//'" to only 'http'

12) Take this code and place it in the cell that you want to generate the Landing Tracker. If your name, group, and URL aren't columns A,B,C,D and E make sure to update those values so they're pulling from the correct columns to create your Tracker:


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