Create Segments in MailChimp With TBits Tags

1) Within MailChimp click on 'Lists' and select the list that you pushed your Tradable Bits fans over to.

2) Click 'Manage Contacts' and click into 'Groups'. You will see a group called TBITS-TAGS.

3) Click 'View Groups' and it will show you any tags within this group that you have pushed over from your Tradable Bits account.

4) If you don't see your tags there that tag may not have synced with your MailChimp account yet. To manually sync the tag with your MailChimp account view our guide: How To Manually Sync Tags With MailChimp

5) Once you've confirmed your tags are in MailChimp, click on 'Manage Contacts' again and then select 'Segments' from the dropdown menu.

6) Within Segments click 'Create Segment'. You'll see a dropdown menu that shows a field that says Email Address. If you click this dropdown field you can select TBITS-TAGS.

7) Once this is selected you have three options. You can create a segment that includes users with 'any' of the tags you end up selecting, with 'all' of the tags you select (must have all tags to match this), or 'none' of the tags you select (an exclusion segment).

8) Once you've chosen your condition and selected your tag, or tags, you can click to 'Preview Segment'.

9) To save this segment click on the 'Save Segment' button. You will now see this as a configured segment when you click into your Segments list on MailChimp.

by Tradable Bits

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