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Making a difference in peoples lives and helping shape how we see the world inspired me to start Tradable Bits. One of the most rewarding things in life is to see your vision and hard work come into fruition. Clara’s Big Ride for Bell Let’s Talk used what we’ve developed as their main platform to connect, showcase and spread awareness within the major social networks.

Working with Bell Let’s Talk on Clara’s Big Ride for the past several months has been an amazing lesson in the power of people. As Clara rounded the “Vancouver corner” on her way back to Ottawa I truly felt the impact her ride is making on communities across Canada. My co-founder of Tradable Bits, Dmitry Khrisanov even had the honour of riding alongside her for a brief moment in her massive 12,000km journey.

Tradable Bits CTO Dmitry Khrisanov Rides with Clara Hughes

I believe that connecting people through social media can have a huge impact. Clara’s Big Ride for Bell Let’s Talk brings people together in ways that spark genuine conversations surrounding mental health. It was our goal to help Clara’s social media team capture those conversations and take them even farther. I’m glad to see positive results and that our Tradable Bits Platform has allowed the social media strategy come to life.

As Clara threads her way through each city across Canada, she inspires people to share their own stories about mental health. Through collaboration with the technology and community team working on Clara’s Big Ride, we built a single touchpoint for Clara, all of the sponsors and the larger community to engage with each other. I love Clara’s Big Ride site because it's an interactive, real-time dashboard that allows fans to watch, contribute and donate to Clara’s ride across Canada.

Thousands of people are spreading awareness for mental health by sharing their stories - from fun to deeply moving - on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other major social network, and the Clara’s Big Ride Stream captures the highlights. I look at it every day and am excited by everyone’s support.

Clara's Big Ride Stream

Not to long ago, getting your message to millions of people was challenging technologically and financially. But reaching millions of people today is much easier, given the right technology. Our Cover Photo app for Facebook allowed Clara’s fans to organically reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide within just a few days! Clara’s supporters proved in mere hours that when you combine people’s passion with the largest social network, you make an unprecedented impact.

Sponsors are also raising awareness for Clara’s ride by installing the Clara’s Big Ride (Cause) app on their Facebook Page. The Cause app as a way for our company and anyone else with a Facebook Page to help charities and causes spread the word through an embeddable social centre.

Clara's Big Ride Dashboard

We’re always looking for opportunities to help worthy causes and non-profit organizations understand and implement social media in ways that will effectively help them achieve their goals. Working with some of the largest companies in media, sports and entertainment has given our platform enterprise power, but we never lose sight of our goal to provide an easy to use, scalable and accessible platform for everyone.

It is an honour contributing our time and technology to Clara’s Big Ride. We’re proud to be part of the group of hundreds of sponsors supporting this amazing movement for mental health awareness.

Clara's Big Ride Stream

Ride on, Clara Hughes!

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