Chatbot Basics 4: Creating Stories

Now that you understand stories and how they're used, let's set some up!

Setup Your tbits _ start Message

This is the first message your bot sends to fans before you ask them to authorize their Facebook account. If Facebook authenication is required for your Fan Chatbot, skip steps three and four, if Facebook auth is not required then complete all four steps.

1) Navigate to Chatbot setup after logging into your Tradable Bits account. Click Setup > Stories and scroll down until you find Intent: tbits_start. Click the 'Setup' button on the right side and it will expand so that you can begin creating the basics of your Fan Chatbot!

2) Leave the '(Intent) If a fan wants...' and 'The fan says...' fields as they are. Choose the type of response: video, image, card, open graph, or text. Then, add in the necessary information to create your Fan Chatbot introduction message. Remember, this is the first message your fan will see so make it engaging, clear, and informative. If your Facebook authentication is required, stop here. Your chatbot will automatically prompt your fan to authorize.

3) If Facebook authentication isn't required from fans to chat with your bot, then we recommend setting up some quick replies after your introduction message.

Setup Your auth _ success Message

This will appear once the fan authorizes with their Facebook account. Setup a quick greeting here explaining how your fans can interact with your chatbot, if you haven't already done so in your start message. Since most fans will have limited experience with chatbots, it helps to set up quick replies that guide them in their journey. These will help the fan create conversation and reduces the likelihood of your fans saying something your bot doesn't understand.

1) Within the same Stories area of your bot find the intent:tbits _ auth _ success and setup the bot reply of your choice.

2) We recommend adding quick replies after your message that provide the fan with a menu of option to make things easier. Adding ticketing information and event information as two of the menu options is a great idea since those are what a lot of fans will be interested in finding information on.

Setup Your Help Messages

These Intents are normally used when issues about connection issues and issues not related to stories arise. Fans can view these Intents even if they haven't authorized with your bot yet. In case the fan can't connect, it's always good to have these setup to explain what might be happening so that the fan understands and can possibly contact another form of your brand's customer service.

1) I don't remember what these are etc...........

Setup Your tbits _ slack Integration Messages

These are what will appear after a fan closes a conversation in Slack or transitions from the Slack convo back to speaking to the bot. The entire conversation stays in the messenger app, it just switches the responder from the automated chatbot responses to a human actually replying from Slack into messenger. There are three messages to setup once you've created your Slack integration:

1) tbits_ slack_ close_ thread - This is what the bot says after the fan closes a slack thread and returns to the bot. Feel free to customize this to your brand.

2) tbits_ slack_ continue_ thread -

3) tbits_ slack_ exit_ prompt - Prompt the user to close the slack thread and return to the bot. Again, feel free to customize the messaging to your brand.

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