Chatbot Basics 1: Test Page & Integration

Tradable Bits Fan Chatbots are your quick, fun and easy key to engaging fans. Chatbots can help you shorten your response time, take pressure off your customer support team, and provide fan data to your marketing, sales and sponsorship teams. Let's get you setup!

Before you begin, contact your Account Specialist to get our Fan Chatbot template set up for your team. Once updated, here's how to start:

1) Navigate to your Bot and scroll down the Setup page to the 'Facebook Page' section. Log into your Facebook account and create a test page separate from your brand's page. Once this is setup, go back to your Bot Setup and click the drop-down menu for 'Move Bot To Facebook Page' and select your test page.

This will allow you to create stories and have conversations with the bot in a testing environment before launching it publicly.

Now you can create stories and test your Bot!

2) If you'd like your Bot to be able to transition to your customer support team, you can integrate with Slack. If you already use Slack, follow the steps below. If you don't, you can create a free Slack account for your support team. Once you have your Slack setup, scroll down in your Bot setup and click on the 'Sign in With Slack' button.

This will launch Slack and invite you to sign in and create a new channel for your bot conversations. Once you've created your new channel, go back into your Bot and type that channel name (without spaces) into the 'New Channel Name' entry field. Make sure that the checkbox above this is selected if you want fans to be able to transition to a person for support.

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