Case Study: University of Maryland University College Social Stream

University of Maryland University College Tradable Bits Case Study

Connecting Global Student Community

The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) united their grads worldwide and attracted prospective students by mapping social posts from their community into a collaborative content hub.

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GOAL: Engage the Global UMUC Community

As an online university, creating a tangible culture for their students is an ongoing challenge for UMUC. With over 120 programs in at more than 150 locations worldwide, social media is abuzz with thousands of UMUC-related conversations. The digital strategy team at UMUC needed a way to collect these fleeting moments so they could listen, sort and capture them. Armed with this wealth of user-generated social media content from around the world, they could unite their global grads around core conversations and attract prospective students.

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SOLUTION: Curate Student Experiences into Social Hub

Using Stream to capture every mention of UMUC on any public social network, UMUC amassed a database of authentic student “moments”. They automatically sorted thousands of posts into program- or location-related conversations with Labels. From the custom built UMUC Moments site, grads and prospective students could experience a collaborative Stream of inspiring memories, explore an interactive map of social media posts or click through the faculty options to get a sense of their programs from real students. When students engaged directly with the site by registering, Fan CRM synced any contact data to UMUC’s Salesforce account, seamlessly updating their CRM. UMUC also united grads for convocation by displaying live posts from other ongoing ceremonies on screens at venues.

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