Case Study: Okeechobee Vibe Tribe Survey

Finding Super Fans with Digital Survey

Okeechobee Music Festival identified and created over 1000+ fan profiles of their most dedicated customers by using a survey as their street team application.

Tradable Bits Ad Stats for Okeechobee Vibe Tribe Survey Engagement Campaign

GOAL: Find Ideal Candidates for the Street Team

Okeechobee fans are diverse, passionate and highly-engaged on social. Okeechobee realised that their most active fans were ideal advocates for the “Okee” street promotions team. Who better to excite other people about your brand than your top fans?

Their team needed a way to understand each one of their fans so they could identify their most active brand advocates. Okeechobee wanted a unique activation that matched their fans’ style and reflected the fun festival brand, but that wouldn’t take a ton of time or resources to create.

SOLUTION: Engage Super Fans with Survey Application

By using a social login survey as their street team application, Okeechobee engaged their best fans while collecting valuable fan data. Running applications through an authenticated survey gave them thousands of verified leads for their street team and insights into their top influencers. Over 1,100 fans completed the Survey and 98% opted-in to receive emails!

Powered with social data, Okeechobee can create lookalikes of these fan profiles to find hyper connected audiences for future ad campaigns. Their 98% opt-in rate indicated the high quality of their audience and boosted their email list with excellent new subscribers. Even better - 91% of the fans that completed the Okeechobee survey application were new profiles, meaning the Okee team connected with tons of new but, super loyal, fans.

Okeechobee Vibe Tribe Survey Quote

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