Case Study: Florida Gators Bracket Challenge

Engaging Fans in Friendly Competition

The Gators challenged their fans to vote for their favourite jersey with a bracket campaign, earning over 4.4K+ new fan profiles with a 100% email opt-in rate.

Tradable Bits Ad Stats for Florida Gators Bracket Engagement Campaign

GOAL: Engage Fans in Friendly Online Rivalry

The Florida Gators are always looking for new ways to engage their fan base, while still gaining valuable fan data. They wanted a campaign that would generate as much organic reach as possible, so they could promote brand awareness for minimal budget.

One of the best ways to encourage thousands of fans to enter a campaign is to create some friendly competition. This is especially true for sports teams like the Gators, given a love for competition and a fierce sense of communal loyalty are the commonality that all their fans share. So what better way for the Gators to invigorate their fanbase than to start a high-stakes but friendly rivalry?

SOLUTION: Challenge Fans to Decide the Best Gators Jersey

The Gators built a simple Bracket Challenge that encouraged fans to vote for their favourite jersey. This brought fans together around their common love for the team, while instilling some harmless but engaging competition. Over the span of two weeks, fans voted and shared the campaign as the bracket moved from round to round. This head-to-head race for the best jersey earned over 114K+ views.

Many fans returned to the campaign to vote in later bracket rounds, resulting in over 7.9K+ entries all of which completed a Facebook social login! The bracket not only re-engaged current fans, it expanded the Gators reach to new ones too. With one campaign, the Gators collected 4.4K+ new fan profiles with a 100% email opt-in rate. Ultimately, with one simple campaign, the team earned hundreds of thousands of new insights into their existing fanbase, as well as potential leads for future long-term fans of the Gators.

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