Case Study: How Outside Lands Earned Over 1000X ROAS with Only 38 Hours

Goal: Sell Tickets in a Short Timeframe The goal of any major music festival is to sell tickets as fast as possible, and Outside Lands is no different. Their team needed to generate awareness prior to their on sale to ensure every relevant lead knew to buy the moment they…

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Top 13 Best Sports Activations of 2018

Year after year, brand and sponsorship activations get more creative, capture more eyes, and attract more fans. It's challenging to activate fans in a meaningful way, but we created a checklist to help you optimize your efforts. As the year comes to end, we take a look back at the…

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How the Apple Watch's Spotify App Strengthens your Fan Insights

Ever since its game-changing release in 2015, the Apple Watch has been one of the highest-selling smartwatches globally. With an abundance of specialized apps designed to maximize its capabilities, one popular service was missing: Spotify. Believe it or not, Apple Music was the only streaming service with an app built…

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Tradable Bits on the Street: Voodoo Music + Arts Experience

As the 2018 festival season wraps up, we're reflecting on all the awesome events we helped promote this year. From social ads to wow-worthy interactive video towers, we had a blast supporting dozens of events. Voodoo Music + Arts Experience marked the last event of the 2018 season, but our team…

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How to Create a Festival Lineup Your Fans will Love

Music and arts festivals were in full swing this summer, with millions of music lovers converging in respective cities for fun weekends and lifelong memories. As the festival season comes to a close, planning has already begun for next year! One of the best ways for your festival to stand…

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5 Ideas for a Fan Engagement Series

Regular season is finally here! You made it through the summer, anticipation grew during the pre-season and now it's finally arrived. Although you're excited to execute the plans you developed during the off-season, it's important to refresh on the basics. Home runs are great, but it's often the singles and…

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Tradable Bits on the Street: RBC GranFondo Whistler

Cycling is big part of our company culture. In the thick of the summer season, we had over half of the entire team bike to work on a daily basis. From competitive cyclists to the daily commuter, our office is filled with biking enthusiasts who love the eco-friendly transportation method.…

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The Fan Activation Checklist: 5 Things to Consider

Fan activation. At first glance, it seems like a fancier term for fan engagement. In a sense, that's true, but true activation is much more complex. What is Fan Activation? When you think about the word activate, think about the Transformers. Each one starts out as an ordinary car, and…

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Tradable Bits on the Street: Lollapalooza

We're so fortunate to work with clients who produce festivals like Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Music Festival, and Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, which often means living the fan experiences we build together. Our new series Tradable Bits on the Street features our team's experiences at events we have the privilege…

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5 Reasons Why eSports is a Game-Changer

The gaming culture has existed for decades. From Space Invaders to Fortnite, complexity has certainly changed but the inherent competitiveness amongst players has always remained the same. As the industry has evolved, so too have the perceptions towards video games. For the dedicated gamers, it's moved far beyond just a…

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Enhancing the Fan Experience with Augmented Reality

An Introduction to Augmented Reality Snapchat changed the tech landscape when it first introduced augmented reality (AR) into its rapidly expanding multimedia messaging app. The ability to paste a virtual mask on a person's face, then have it adapt to different facial movements was now an accessible experience... and everyone…

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Case Study in SEAT Magazine: Iowa State "Scratch & Win" Contest

Iowa State Athletics cares deeply about their fan base, and thus was looking for creative ways to sell tickets without overtly promoting ticket sales. Although generic advertising campaigns may drive conversions, they fail to create an engaging fan experience - which is the Cyclone's main priority. Challenged with the task…

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5 Ways Captive WiFi Portals Can Help You Market Smarter

Picture yourself as a new fan of a local sports team. Your friend recently offered you two tickets to an upcoming playoff game, which you happily accepted. This is your first time inside the arena and you're amazed at the atmosphere. As the intermission begins, you take out your phone…

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Columbus Blue Jackets Case Study: Engaging 10k Fans in 3 Days

Attracting Fans with an "Enter to Win" Contest In the midst of an important playoff series, the Columbus Blue Jackets re-engaged and attracted thousands of new fans by holding a contest to win playoff tickets. GOAL: To Engage Inactive and Attract New Fans The Columbus Blue Jackets are a dark…

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