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Evening the Playing Field: How to Market Sports to Gen Z

Cracked the code of marketing to millennials? It’s time to move on. The next big undertaking for digital marketers is understanding Gen Z. The oldest members of this generation are entering the workforce for the first time, and even teens are bringing significant purchasing power with them—alongside a…

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Tradable Bits listed as "Ready to Rocket" for Third Consecutive Year

“Each year when we choose the Ready to Rocket companies, we are looking for those companies that have best matched technical innovation with market opportunity. Tradable Bits is an excellent example of the right technology for the right customers at the right time.” - Reg Nordman, Managing Partner, Rocket Builders.…

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How to do “influencer marketing” without lighting your brand on FYRE

If the FYRE fiasco taught us anything, it’s that “Instagram Influencers” are full of kombucha-powered crap. Being hot and on a yacht does not make you a good judge of a quality product. Even if it did, an “influencer” being paid to endorse something does not mean they’re…

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How Music Artists Can Delight Fans with Data (Animated Infographic)

Music fans are fickle - with millions of artists to choose from, how do you compete? Can you guide a fan on their journey from the first time they hear you, to becoming a lifelong super fan? How do you still do this when you have millions of fan relationships…

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How to Test if Digital Ads Make You More Sales (Attribution Explained)

The most common question businesses ask before investing in digital ads is: does my ad spend actually result in more sales? Broad attribution windows, complex tracking technology and the plethora of overblown “success stories” available online has led to well-deserved skepticism of digital attribution. Although we typically see 1.5-4.…

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New Look + Logo, Same Tradable Bits

Innovation in entertainment is the only constant. Music, sports and live events have evolved tremendously since the 2010 Olympics that inspired our company’s creation. We pride ourselves on our passion for adapting to these ever-changing tides by creating cutting-edge solutions with our partners. Together, we are driving the evolution…

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Magic Fan Moments: How to Use Data to Delight

I was fuming. I’d paid hundreds of dollars for a VIP ticket I’d managed to snag just in time, with the help of four devices laid across my bedroom floor. I couldn’t wait to see my favourite artist in the flesh - and here I was, halfway…

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