5 Ways Captive WiFi Portals Can Help You Market Smarter

Picture yourself as a new fan of a local sports team. Your friend recently offered you two tickets to an upcoming playoff game, which you happily accepted. This is your first time inside the arena and you're amazed at the atmosphere. As the intermission begins, you take out your phone and connect to the building's Wi-Fi. Within seconds, you have access to the Internet and begin browsing.

As a business, you noticed that there are a number of newcomers inside the arena. They just developed an interest in the team and have yet to engage on social media. You want to understand them better but don't know where to begin.

GOAL: Learn More About Your Fans

Many arenas already have WiFi in place for guests. During each event, thousands of fans connect - with minimal benefit to the team behind the arena.

A captive WiFi portal is a page that the user of a public Wi-Fi network must view and interact with before they are allowed to connect to the internet. In addition to providing guests with Internet access, the portals offer a range of benefits which assist in a company's marketing strategies.
Custom Wi-Fi portal

1. Know Your Attendees

By implementing the Tradable Bits social log-in for the Wi-Fi at your arena, you give fans the opportunity to opt into sharing some of their information from Facebook and/or Spotify. As a result, in addition to receiving the name, age, city, and e-mail of your fans, you also gain access to their interests (music or otherwise). Using the data you collect through your captive WiFi portal, you are able to strategically market materials towards segments of your attendees.

2. Gain WiFi Analytics

As guests use your Wi-Fi, you can monitor activity in real-time and gain insights into your audience's interests. You will also have access to an abundance of analytics, which furthers your understanding of your customers.
The insights provided by website analytics, in combination with the data explicitly shared with your brand by fans through a Tradable Bits social log-in, gives you the insight you need to improve your customer experience and overall sales.

3. Promote Your Brand

Captive portals are fully customizable to fit your brand's personality. Display your own branded ads, messages, promotion and surveys - or even combine third-party ads to increase sponsorship revenue! When designed and decorated properly, the portal becomes part of your fan experience and reinforces brand identity. Whether you want to promote your social media accounts or showcase your company's unique personality, customization allows pages to be catered towards your goals.

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4. Make More Incremental Revenue

WiFi portals can also be a direct means of revenue generation. Whether you want to sell advertising space, charge an access fee, or provide a space to execute your corporate sponsorships - capitalize on your WiFi infrastructure by implementing monetization strategies. Once again, the fully-customizable pages allow you to maintain your brand without sacrificing its visual component.

Imagine your company is sponsored by a well-known beer company. As part of your partnership, one potential promotion you may offer is a voucher for a free drink when attendees connect to wifi. The options are limitless when using the captive Wi-Fi portal as a source of revenue!

Wi-fi features

5. Improve Your Targeting

As you get to know your fans, you will be able to better target your marketing strategies towards specific demographic segments. Amongst many other ideas, you can provide exclusive fan opportunities, promotional deals and materials, birthday vouchers, or even a special birthday deals! It's as simple as that.
Wi-fi features

Want to set up your own captive wifi portal? Contact us today to discuss how we could set up a captive portal for you!

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